I am a local pulmonary physician for 45 years, of which the last 10 years have included addiction care medicine. I have worked with Dr. Anthoy Fauci in 1982. I have spent my career helping smokers. I believe patients who have significant emphysema deserve to be 1C or above, but I know that it is wrong to place young or mild smokers ahead of the elderly (over 64 ), as concerns the priority phase of giving the vaccine against Covid. The morbidity and mortality is proven to be highest in the elderly ( especially 75 years ). The CDC has classified the elderly as very high risk.

I have sent several letters and calls to Pa Department of Health and our local politicians, but so far, I have not succeeded in getting the state to return to its 1C category for smokers and therefore the elderly are being delayed in receiving the vaccine which is so vital to them. Time is precious, especially for those 75 and older.

I request a groundswell of calls and emails to Governor Wolf and his staff to help the highest risk seniors, alongside our hospital staff and nursing home residents.

Dr. D. Victor Sesso


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