What happened 100 and 90 years ago has an eerie resemblance to today with many out of work and  jobs not returning along with the coronavirus, not unlike the 1918 Flu and Depression of the 1930's. The "New Green Deal"with the energy coming from AOC and youthful voices and the views of many older Democrats gives a certain light,energy, experience and force to the country in this dim shutdown period. The former's enthusiasm would likely appeal to the Millennials & younger voters to turn out in larger numbers than usual and the latter with their world view, environmental and infrastructure concerns will be a benefit to the nation.The "New Deal" of the 1930"s gave many jobs repairing and opening roads and railroads.The stock market roaring up and down does not give investors confidence and with the virus still unchecked it does appear the nation could return to the past.

Henry Coxe


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