The Artworks Collective of Ambler, an organization composed of approximately 30 local artists, has taken on the project of creating a statue in remembrance of Mary Ambler, and has brought this idea to the attention of the Ambler Borough Council. After meetings with the council, a move is now afoot to honor Mary Ambler, our courageous namesake. Placing a statue of Mary Ambler in a public place has been positively received and placement of same will tentatively be assigned to a newly-created local pocket park for all to see and learn from information placed there.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mary Ambler, she was a Quaker woman who lived in Ambler, which at the time was called Wissahickon Valley. On July 17, 1856, a north-bound train carrying passengers to a picnic grove in Gwynedd Valley, collided head on with a south-bound train, resulting in a horrific wreck which killed 59 people, most of them children and injured hundreds more. Mary rushed to the scene of the crash with medical supplies and led the efforts to rescue the trapped passengers from the burning wreck. She turned her homestead at Tennis Avenue and Main Street into a makeshift hospital to care for the injured. Thirteen years later the Pennsylvania Railway renamed the original Wissahickon Valley Station, Ambler Station, and in 1881, when the borough was formally incorporated, it took the name of Ambler in her honor.

The Artworks Collective is excited about this opportunity.

Dave Sesso


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