I am a resident physician seeing firsthand the consequences of the Trump Administration's poor response to the COVID19 outbreak. I work in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, where critical chest X-rays and chest CT scans are being performed.

What are we seeing on the ground? We see a rapidly dwindling supply of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and sanitation materials as the virus strains our healthcare system. Residents ares begging on social media for additional gear. Medical students are being asked to delay graduation. We don’t have enough coronavirus tests — so workers with recent travel are unable to be tested despite our immediate exposure to the most vulnerable patients. This is all due to the Trump Administration’s failure to prepare for this crisis. Instead of addressing these grave concerns, the President is denying the severity of the pandemic, spreading false information about private industry making equipment for us when it is not, and pointing fingers at hardworking governors — who have actually been in the wards seeing how desperate we are for support.

There is a phrase in medical training: "You are not training for the exam. You're training for the day where you are what's between the patient and the grave." But our sacrifices can only go so far as our numbers of cases double every day. It's on the Trump Administration to ensure that all of our work is not in vain, and that we have the backing of those in power. Our patients need it.

Jafar Hussain

Plymouth Meeting

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