As Pennsylvania is an energy state, providing over 4% of the US’s total greenhouse gas emissions, it is appropriate to look for ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Notwithstanding the reductions in these emissions in the moves to natural gas usage, these are still not enough. Evaluations have shown that even switching to 100% natural gas for generation of electricity would not keep emissions to a low enough level to prevent the continuing deterioration of the climate. Burning fossil fuels, unfortunately, is quite a serious problem.

Governor Wolf has proposed by Executive Order that PA join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, RGGI, which currently consists of 10 northeast states.

The RGGI program puts a cap on carbon emissions, but power plants in the states can trade their emission limits if they are under or over the limits. Importantly, monies obtained from this system are used for environmental improvements.

As this initiative would provide economic incentives for reduction of emissions, it could appeal to those concerned with the economic impacts of climate change as well as environmentalists.

I support the Governor’s action and see it as beneficial to PA’s climate.

Richard Kaplan

Fort Washington

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