What will Pennsylvania look like in the future? We all want cleaner air, better health, more energy efficient homes, a diversity of animal species, and fewer impacts from climate change. We want a thriving community with sustainable farming and green energy jobs.

We have a chance to help make that future a reality when Pennsylvania joins the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI. RGGI will provide the funds to propel us into that future by requiring power plants to pay for carbon dioxide allowances that they can then trade. These proceeds could be used to pay for renewable energy, transitioning workers to green jobs, and improving energy efficiency. Other states have seen the benefits of RGGI, now is the time for Pennsylvania to join this successful, market-based solution that puts us on a path to a greener future.

Contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to support RGGI and oppose any bills that would hinder RGGI's implementation, such as SB 119 and HB 637.

Julia Nakhleh

The Climate Reality Project: Philadelphia and Southeastern PA Chapter

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