Lowman Henry's declaration (Times-Chronicle, 12/15) that the current process of redistricting of legislative and congressional district boundaries is already perfect -- and that changes now being contemplated to that process, for the next round of redistricting after the decennial 2020 census, to protect the public from distortions that the State Supreme Court already declared illegal in the last decade's Congressional district boundaries, is actually a hijacking -- does violence to the outrage of a sizable Democratic majority voting in state legislative districts, resulting in a governing majority of Republican legislators in both PA House and Senate.

The public needs protection from either party selecting district boundaries whose shapes alone are recognized as irregular and non-compact. The public needs protection from arbitrary and capricious divisions of communities, whose sole purpose is to dilute the power of Commonwealth population centers. The public needs protection from district maps whose sole purpose provides state legislative majorities, which countermand the Party choices of statewide voter majorities.

Ben Burrows

Elkins Park

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