Fourteen months ago, I was afforded the opportunity to serve the community my grandfather did 80 years ago and my mother did 39 years ago.

As the President of the NAACP Ambler Branch, my scope of Civil Rights work expanded into the school communities of Upper Dublin, Wissahickon, North Penn and Souderton. Servant leadership is in my blood and I embraced the call to service with the highest regard for every community leader that served before me.

In my mind, there is no greater privilege than advocating for the under served and marginalized. For far too long, the plight of systematic oppression has paralyzed everyday citizens from actualizing their true aspirations. I sought to advocate for those muted voices. God has now called me to serve in a more linear fashion with a complete focus of not being typecast to be on one side versus the other or being subjectively affiliated with one group or another.

I am focusing on serving people behind the issues. Servant leadership first before jockeying for power; servant leadership first before the organizational politics; servant leadership first before forgetting what matters the most....the people and the communities that need real bridge builders. I will be taking up that mantle because the work must continue. I must forge ahead. Thank you NAACP Ambler Branch community, thank you for the privilege of serving "YOU".

Carmina Taylor-McGee

Former President

NAACP Ambler Branch

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