While I believe everyone has the right to make their own choice, what makes one choose Trump in the 2020 election? Maybe in 2016 people were looking for something different. Now that we have had almost 4 years of his destruction of law and democracy, increased hatred, divide and incitement of violence, bold faced lies with misinformation resulting in unnecessary deaths from the pandemic, and the dissolution of America as the greatest county, now is the time to vote another direction.

There is not one group of people who has not been impacted directly or indirectly by Trump’s venomous tongue and spiteful actions. He has denigrated people of color, females, immigrants, the disabled, peaceful protesters, people who disagree, the poor, those with differing sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religions, people with pre-existing illnesses, those guided by science and climate change, and people who believe in wearing masks during a pandemic.

Even if you are not 100% for Biden, he will be a president who will put this country before himself, demonstrate compassion for others, be a leader for ALL people, address the pandemic with sound judgement and actions, prioritize improving inequalities, effectively work with world leaders to ensure safety at home and abroad, address the economy so all classes of Americans can thrive, and reshape and strengthen laws eroded under Trump and his administration.

If we want to be the America we are proud of and other countries strive to imitate, the choice is Biden/Harris whether you are Democratic or Republican.

Krista Decembrino


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