Hey, Montgomery County! There is plastic in our water!

If you haven’t heard the news, PennEnvironment just released a report, Microplastics in Pennsylvania, a survey of waterways, identifying microplastics in 53 rivers, lakes, and streams across PA. In fact, 100% of PennEnvrionment’s sample sites tested positive for microfibers. Locally, both Tookany Creek and Wissahickon Creek were shown to contain plastic fibers from synthetic fabrics, plastic fragments from rigid container-like plastics, and plastic film from plastic bags and wrappers. These pollutants penetrate all corners of our local environments and even our drinking water. It’s estimated that the average person consumes 5 grams of plastic weekly. That’s like eating a credit card!

We may hate to admit it, but those single-use plastics are helpful for 15 minutes before they end up polluting our environments and bodies. Let’s step up and stop plastic pollution at its source. Make sure to thank our representative, Madeleine Dean, for co-sponsoring the federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act last year, and let’s encourage others to do the same!

Julian Berlin

Elkins Park

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