Although many people dislike this word, there is no other way to describe the Upper Dublin Township Board of Commissioners and the township manager, but I'll just call them totally fiscally irresponsible. They have taken over 100 acres of green space, that cost the township nothing to maintain and with the action of a vote, caused taxpayers to take millions of dollars in expenses.

In their infinite wisdom, they have decided to close the Upper Dublin Golf and Fitness Club (or Twining Valley Golf Club). Prior to December 1 of (last) year, the club was under independent management, which, at times, has over the years provided the township with upwards of $100,000 in additional revenue. The entire property is maintained by the management company with no cost to the township.

With the closing of the club, the township will now take over all the maintenance of the property. This will include such items as the ongoing costs of lawn mowing, snow removal, tree and shrubbery maintenance, and other required actions. Then there are the on-time costs that have been estimated to be upwards of $8 million or more.

So I ask you, which is better: 1) Leave the club, have no costs and have an additional $100,000 in revenue or 2) Close the club and spend millions up front costs for renovations and spend tens of thousands for annual maintenance? Maybe all commissioners who voted to close the club should resign and apologize for their mistake. Perhaps, we should require commissioners, before running for election, should take a test on financial responsibility and be held accountable.

... Upper Dublin and most neighboring township have an ordinance pertaining to leaf collection. Please refer to the brochure put out by the township every year by the Public Works Dept. If leaves are placed in the street, the homeowner could be subject to a fine. Maybe if the township actually enforced the ordinance, it might make up from some of the lost golf club revenue.

John Szostak


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