Worried about going in person to the polls to vote during the pandemic? Well, your worries are over because now in Pennsylvania registered voters can vote from home. Here’s how:

First, request a vote-by-mail application from the State of PA.

You can apply online at www.votespa.com/ApplyMailBallot.

No computer? No Problem! You can request your application by phone from the Department of State at 877-868-3372 or from your local County Election Office. In Montgomery Co., call (610278-3280).

You can also contact your County Election Office, in Voter Services, PO Box 311, Norristown, 19404

Your application will come in the mail.

Fill it out and sign. Use the exact name and signature as it appears on your driver’s license, Social Security card or your PA Penn DOT card, “ Real I.D.”.

Mail it back as soon as possible. The earlier you send it back the better.

Before the election, you’ll get by mail the actual ballot with the candidates’ names.

Fill it out, following the instructions carefully; they are very straightforward. Again, sign with the exact signature as it appears on your license/Social Security card.

Mail the ballot back by Oct. 27, but the earlier you send it back the better.

There! You voted by mail.

Virginia Goldberg


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