This past week, I attended the Montgomery County Legislative Summit hosted at Montgomery County Community College. Many of the Pennsylvania Southeast delegation was present, and the event featured breakout sessions about specific issues, including the environment. While listening to legislators speak about pressing environmental policy,, one of the most brought up topics was one bill that was heading for senate this month, HB1100.

On September 26th, the House Bill 1100 was passed with a 139-46 vote in favor. This bill would grant an $800 million a year tax credit subsidy for any petrochemical-related building projects in PA for the next 30 years.

The Petrochemical industry is the single largest energy consumer in the world. If we are striving towards reducing the effects of climate change, passing this bill would make it virtually impossible to accomplish. Not only that but passing this bill is a foolish use of the Pennsylvania state budget. Instead of helping fund schools and education, hazardous site cleanups, or essential infrastructure, we are funding the wealthiest and most dishonorable companies in the world.

It's quite infuriating that those who are supposed to represent us are making these decisions, when all over Pennsylvania children and adults are standing together to protest against climate change.It’s time for our legislators to take action on the issues we are concerned about.

That’s why, I urge the Pennsylvania delegation to vote NO on HB1100 when it comes to a vote in the senate.

Andrea Nebreda Bello

Penn Environment intern 

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