The past few weeks have been an especially uncertain and difficult time for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we approach our work, relationships, and habits. During a time that we are all encouraged to practice social distancing, we have seen tremendous evidence of community connectedness.

At Inter-Faith Housing Alliance, we have been overwhelmed – in a good way – by the compassion and generosity of our neighbors. We have received an outpouring of supplies to assist the families we serve through our shelter and food cupboard, offers of extra volunteer assistance, and notes of encouragement. Our core volunteers and donors have demonstrated their commitment to our community and our most vulnerable neighbors by going way above and beyond anything we have ever seen before.

In a time that our community is experiencing unforeseen pain and suffering, we have found strength and hope in the hearts of our neighbors. We are inspired by the power of the community coming together to care for each other.

At Inter-Faith, we recently launched a campaign to remind each other about what is most important – compassion and togetherness – and to create moments of hope as we continue to address the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 in Montgomery County. We hope you will join us.

We are sharing stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about the amazing people who have gone the extra mile to help Inter-Faith address our community’s needs using the hashtags #COVIDKindness and #MontCoHeroes. Stories like the church that worked with us to reconfigure our emergency shelter to ensure that we could provide safe and stable housing, the volunteers who opened up their home to a family in need, and the donor who helped us access much needed basic supplies for our families and building.

We invite you to join us in recognizing your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and others who are doing great things for others by using the #COVIDKindness and #MontCoHeroes hashtags in your social media posts. Together, we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marsha A. Eichelberger

Executive director of Inter-Faith Housing Alliance, Ambler

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