DOYLESTOWN -- A cycle of dating -- marriage -- separation -- divorce comprises what counselors call the "Marriage-Go-Round." It represents today’s state of marriage and partnerships. 

There’s a new, non-profit organization that wants to stop this Marriage-Go-Round. The Alpha Community Education Foundation promises to offer stability to couples and individuals no matter what part of the ride they are on. It helps them make wise decisions and makes sure they protect their children as they work through the issues in their intimate relationships, a Foundation press release states. ,

Jamie Parker, who went through the Alpha Community Education Foundation’s program in 2019, said, “I first encountered the Alpha Professionals during my separation. They cared deeply about my entire family’s needs. They helped my now ex-husband and I focus on what would be best for both us and our children as we went through the divorce process. We continue to use the strategies today.”

Marriages and divorces are like snowflakes -- no two are alike, and that’s how Alpha says it approaches each situation -- individually and tailored to each person’s distinct needs.

The press release announcing the new counseling enterprise states,

If you are currently riding on the Marriage-Go-Round, the Alpha Professionals can help you with:

  • Marriage Success and Maintenance: Couples Tune-Up is one particular program that addresses this area. As the title suggests, it specifically focuses on keeping the marriage in good condition and resolving areas that need adjusting. The program offers:
  1. Diagnostic testing to assess your relationship strengths and vulnerabilities.
  2. Strategies you can regularly implement to maintain your relationship’s strength and health.
  3. A qualified coach who helps you keep your relationship moving at peak performance.
  • Divorce Survival: Should you, however, decide to divorce or are currently going through a divorce, they offer support groups, referrals to legal experts, and the assistance you need and deserve regarding handling money, custody, your health, and other important issues so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your children.
  • New Beginnings: If you are currently divorced or if yours is already finalized, they offer referrals to outside professionals, parenting advice, and life coaching. You may be handling things on your own, such as finances and perhaps looking into buying a new house. You may also want to explore new relationships or may be co-parenting. Life after divorce can be challenging, scary, and also exciting.
  • Children are especially vulnerable to divorce’s turmoil, and it is difficult and painful for them to discuss. The Alpha Professionals, therefore, also offer kids and teen programs. Such include:
  • Kids Divorce Story Hour: this is a four week, on-line story hour that children attend with a parent. The Alpha Professionals cover a new book each week that talks about age-appropriate divorce topics.
  • Teens of Divorce Support: A support group offering 6 weekly online or in-person group sessions covering a wide variety of age-specific divorce topics. Teens are the given opportunity to talk about tough topics with other teens under the guidance of a professional.

Amy Siock, LSW is the Executive Director of Alpha Community Education Foundation. For over 20 years, she has personally and directly counseled individuals and families struggling with relationship challenges. Her personal journey, which included a difficult divorce, remarriage, and blended family, inspired her to provide wisdom and support to others. She welcomes opportunities to build community education programs and offer resources to strengthen family members as they grow and transition.

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