1006 Valley Glen Rd., Condo 241, Linda Lance to Mary Ann O’Neill, $120,000.

465 Sylvania Ave., Robert Steel est. to Julie Pickholtz, $269,000.

1208 Cox Rd., Barry and Leslie Axler to Farrel Shuster, $540,000.

1420 Huntingdon Pike, Emma London to Khadian Smith, $198,000.

1944 Guernsey Ave., J. Lois Latimer to Saunsiree Crawford, $179,900.

921 Claire Ave., Harry Bauer to Tonja Deviney, $230,000.

2649 Belmont Ave., Aaron Sheek to Jarred Williams and Lindsay Loughrey, $165,000.

1510 Hilltop Terrace, Wasyl and Elena Szeremeta to Konstantin Sakherzon, $400,000.

841 Penn Ave., Jong and Su Lee to Seung Lee, $215,000.

1458 Huntingdon Rd., Craig and Sandra White to Harriet Stein, $385,000.

2173 Schaefer Rd., Alan Ambrose to Donald and Jana Brash, $257,000.

1429 Edgewood Ave., Fannie Mae to Paul and Kim Moon, $155,000.

1125 Lindsay Lane, Joseph Overbeck to Ellen Szeto, $575,000.

1515 Fitzwatertown Rd., Claire Sullivan to Sageline Elie, $205,000.


109 S Locust St., 521 Easton Road LP, Maxx Realty LLC to Hemaka Rajapakse and Radhika Desilva, $210,000.

319 Docs St., Patrick and Ann Marie McDowell to Bank of New York Mellon, $3,008.

319 Southern Ave., John and Maria Mesuraca to Raymond and Phoebe Van Horn, $165,000.


7907 Newbold Lane, Shirley Ehrlich Trust to Derrick and Carolyn Barkley, $196,000.

7806 Haines Rd., Irving Magasiny to Mallory and Sheree Pinckney, $250,000.

8218 Manor Rd., Born Rashine to Jennifer and David Pittenger, $187,500.

8366 Fisher Rd., Scott Strysick to Kim Upshaw, $310,000.

8216 Manor Rd., Patrick and Kerrie Whelan to Andrew and Catherine Fingeret, $335,000.

706 E Glenside Ave., Evelyn Mills to Robert Carey and Loretta Price, $320,000.

1106 Stratford Ave., Albert and Jane Trautwein to Aaron and April Hoffman, $315,000.

54 Hilldale Rd., Luis and Mirta Castro to Charles King, $225,000.

7943 Jenkintown Rd., US Bank Nat’l Assoc et al to Freddy and Jarlina Fermin, $160,799.

700 Elkins Ave., Condo A-1, Joy Fish to David and Jack Schaffer, $165,000.


215 W Fifth Ave., Robert Lecarter est. to Albert Zvarick, $265,000.

130 Chestnut St., David and Janet Smith to Justin Turley, $75,000.

116 Second Ave., Robert Yeoman to Breeding Yeoman Properties LLC, $192,000.

115 Revere Court, Condo 64, Edna and Frederic Hoelzle to Thomas Keenan, $262,500.


421 E Hector St., Corey Gee to Brandywine Valley Partners LLC, $384,500.

312 Spring Mill Ave., Helen Landy est. to Matthew Flack, $116,000.

246 E Ninth Ave., Thomas Johnson to Michael Donnelly and Jill Mehringer, $284,500.

75 Maple St., Condo 101, Albert McCulloch To Glorminda McAllister, $308,000.

350 E Elm St., Ste 3007, Jamie Ahrens to Michael Distasio, $205,000.


0 Bridle Path Rd., Glenn Farm LP to Denise Stephens, $350,000.

13 Montgomery Ave., US Nat’l Assoc Trust et al to Gregory and Sara Mann, $236,100.

537 W Germantown Pike, Russell and William Bono to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, $1,300,000.

154 Serenity Court, Bldg. E, Rinju Jacob to Daniel Martin and Tammy Le, $267,000.

3120 Sycamore Lane, Dorothy Weist to Spiro and Sawsan Kassis, $205,000.


71 Church Rd., Kathy Rober to RML Construction Inc, $75,000.

589 Lower Rd., Lester Hallman et al to Franconia Sewer Auth, $6,000.

585 Lower Rd., Jill Halteman et al to Franconia Sewer Auth, $10,000.

471 Berkshire Drive, William and Yvonne Mertle, $253,000.


35 S York Rd., Warren and Joan Cherry to Albert Gentile, $10,000.

63 W Moreland Ave., Brian Schreffler and Sandy Mallatratt to Michael Voegele, $249,900.


625 Cowpath Rd., Fed Nat’l Mortgage Assoc to Joseph Teller, $135,000.

2897 Washington Lane, Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust Co et al to Atef Estafanos, $165,000.

1315 Clymer Rd., John Rehill Trust to John Rehill and Priscilla Allen-Stein, $92,072.

724 Schwab Rd., Ji Song to Melanie Song, $203,000.

1364 Providence Lane, Karen Kelly to Lyna and My Nguyen, $195,000.


465 Barrington St., Toll Pa XIV LP to Jason and Jill Bresler, $971,804.

60 Dogwood Lane, Condo D-10, Robert Davis to William and Nicole Moffa, $125,000.

462 Barbin St., Toll Pa XIV LP to Daniel and Melissa Klein, $727,220.

315 Edgewood Ave., Bruce Stephens to Nicholas Scurria, $169,000.

53 Ash Stoker Lane, Elaine Panagos to Virginia Anderson, $170,000.

214 Lorna Rd., Mary Schneider to Silvia Laemmle, $195,000.

100 Sourwood Drive, MJM Building Co LLC to Rimas and Amy Gaver, $483,764.

410 Horsham Rd., Horsham 410 LLC to First Niagara Realty Inc, $3,440.

2 Stefwalt Rd., Betsy Towner to Vitaliy and Oxana Tolstikova, $425,000.


100 West Ave., Condo 125-S, Daniel and Gloria Donahue to Richard Hutchinson and Betsy Towner, $90,000.

227 Summit Ave., Marianne Loeb est. to Stephen Schaphorst and Angele Surault, $360,500.


519 W Eighth St., Charles and Julia Ball to Keith Heilveil, $220,675.

728 Perkiomen Ave., Bruce Macartney to Garry Bates, $270,000.

611 W Main St., William and Elaine Wallace to Thomas and Julia McGinniss, $170,000.

963 Wedgewood Drive, Golam Mostafa to Md Kamruzzaman and Monira Perveen, $74,000.


5502 Drawbridge Court, Elizabeth Wilson to Betsey Ciccarelli, $159,000.

60 Long Meadow Rd., Michelle Nguyen and Son Hang to Lisa Schleichter, $377,000.

119 Abbey Drive, Timothy and Kathryn Daughton to Leah Dibussolo and Camron Newell, $290,000.

78 Laver Rd., Karl and Nancy Pedone to Ronald and Gina Gerhart, $432,000.

108 Sunny Brook Rd., Jaqueline and John Wilson to Citizens Bank of Pa, $340,000.

2301 Carriage Lane, Michael and Tina Cook to American Int’l Relo Solutions LLC, $229,000.

2301 Carriage Lane, American Int’l Relo Solutions LLC to Zaheer Mohammed, $229,000.

514 Limerick Center Rd., Colin and Elizabeth O’Rourke to David Linsenbigler, $275,000.


241 Zieglerville Rd., Robin Brockerman to David and Analyn Heiser, $177,000.

105 Crystal Drive, Michael and Alice Fallon to John and Faith Solt, $255,000.


1448 W Lamplighter Lane, Chi and Esther Lam to Carter and Adrienne Ames, $345,000.

1108 Hunt Seat Drive, Steven and Karen Pottash to Nancy Kelly and Bernard Jobin, $1,025,000.

1328 Sumneytown Pike, Paulette Castella to Sheldon and Sigita Burke, $342,000.

176 Hunter Court, Saul and Esther Feinberg to Francisco and Norma Rivera, $370,000.


105 Glenn Rd., Condo 10, David Vasquez to Damien and Keri Reiri, $168,000.

151 Springfield Ave., Rosemarie Byrne to Robert Weaver, $134,000.

1001 City Ave., Condo W-509, Irvin Boodis est. to Wei Tu and Dacheng Wang, $68,000.

601 W Montgomery Ave., Condo 302, Betty Light and Theresa Esperdy to Cecilia Silva-Pizarro and Luis Palacios, $240,000.

725 New Gulph Rd., HB Real Estate LLC to Ellen Scherer, $642,500.

725 New Gulph Rd., Condo A, HB Real Estate LLC to James Croney, $705,000.

1600 Hagys Ford Rd., Condo 11-F, Kyeock Yoon to Aaron and Beverly Sporn, $135,000.

536 Mulberry Lane, Katherine Burgum est. to Katherine Burgum Family Trust, $650,000.

27 Chestnut Ave., Gisela and Francis Jost to Tamara El-Mekki, $214,000.

1650 Oakwood Drive, East Condo 111, Daniel Hammer to Yibing Hu and Hui Xu, $127,500.

1317 Bobarn Drive, Willie Green Trust to Christopher and Beth Mascio, $817,000.

14 Old Lancaster Rd., Stefano Zuccarini to William Dungan IRA, $400,000.

230 Brydon Rd., Gabriel and Melissa Levin to Gui-Shuang Ying and Qin Lin, $775,000.

310 Parsons Ave., Jeffrey and Susan Goodwin to Julie Kamin, $206,000.

20 Montgomery Ave., Condo K, Carole Gordon to Nathan Zhivalyuk, $290,000.

55 Academy Rd., Bette and Larry Camilli to Gabriel and Katherine Vidoni, $419,000.

190 Presidential Blvd., Penthouse 15, Harry and Ilene Zall to Michele Brodsko, $525,000.

16 Schiller Ave., Pamela Boucher to Stuart Katzen, $315,000.

1637 Oakwood Drive, South Condo 107, Lois Strulson to Larry Carroll, $214,000.

114 Summit Lane, Thomas and Mary Moy to Mitchell and Ilana Appleson, $556,000.


207 Rittenhouse Square, ENOAP LLC to Lauren Cove and Janus Andersen, $421,913.

205 Monsignor Drive, Ann Kerns to Scott and Maureen O’Connell, $525,000.

3019 Meredith Lane, Alfred and Helga Ledder to William and Kate Verica, $320,000.

2701 Narcissa Rd., Fannie Mae to Martha Buhner, $168,426.

908 Holly Court, Unit 8, Bonita Russo to Judith Becker, $333,000.

302 Barefield Lane, Adam Dawson and Alexandra Foerster to Adam Dawson, $147,589.

28 Camelot Drive, Gail Scoufield to David Carroll, $282,000.


44 Park Ave., Charles Lew est. to Michael Larson, $158,000.


513 N Sixth Ave., Robert and Katelyn Colden to Natasha Holter, $250,000.

38 Cameron Court, Bldg 13 38, Michael Poysden to Matthew Weiser, $179,900.


34 Pennypacker Drive, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Devel to James Deibert, $68,201.


2014 Easter Ave., Craig Plummer and Nicole Dudek to Eric Fusco and Nicole Munz, $205,000.

3940 Ashland Drive, Ste 245, Skippack Group LLC to Karen Ramai, $190,570.

1056 Lea Drive, Robert Acuff to David and Laura McGovern, $640,000.

2249 Chandler Lane, Toll Pa VIII LP to E. Keith and Margaret Lenhart, $423,655.

922 Dogwood Lane, David Ambrose and Danielle Buettner to Michael Drew, $222,500.

2148 Fort Bevon Rd., Glen Riggs to Richard and Amanda Seifert, $199,000.

3940 Ashland Drive, Ste 148, Skippack Group LLC to Michael Szeliga and Debra Simpson, $211,379.


413 Ridge Ave., Fannie Mae to Elizabeth Watt, $205,000.

11 W Chestnut St., David Pino to Gaetano Chiaro, $100,000.

564 Montgomery Ave., Ammon and Karen Schwoerer to Daryl and Kimberly Littlefield, $243,000.


603 Burton Rd., Richard Berndt est. to Daniel Vass and Sarah Wadsworth, $250,000.

7902 Pine Rd., Jay and Donna Karfunkle to Kevin and Maria Johnson, $395,000.

8511 Widener Rd., Beverly Shapiro to Jeremy and Kristy Hollis, $238,000.

227 Arlingham Rd., James and Keri Langenstein to Keith and Christina Oldt, $422,500.

707 Bethlehem Pike, Jean and Lincoln Griswold to 707 BP LLC, $320,000.

8814 Hawthorne Lane, Leonard and Catherine Arlen to Brooke Bergmann and Evan Stoudt, $425,000.


25 Highland Drive, Frank and Geraldine Vesci to Nicholas Shannon and Angela Cramer, $199,500.


1504 Staley Circle, James Carnahan to Blue Citation LLC, $270,000.

3024 Bainbridge Drive, Thorndale Partners et al to Kristin Ogden, $515,785.

107 Providence Court, Kristine Mihm to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $177,000.

107 Providence Court, Brookfield Relocation Inc to Jessica Laraio, $177,000.

204 Monroe Drive, Bldg 15 Condo 201, Brian Healey to Maria Gallina, $175,000.

1409 Keeler Court, Thomas Kenney to David Feder, $184,900.

554 William Penn Way, Larry and Carolyn Zelson to Bhavik and Switi Patel, $335,650.


222 Washington Court, Kathleen Garstka to Erik and Jill Podbutzky, $213,000.

109 Fairway Drive, Michael and Sara Hart to Alec and Jennifer Tantillo, $241,000.

368 Jefferson Court, Carol Meoli to Jonathan and Genea Lewis, $201,000.


1109 Hawthorne Lane, Judith Sickles est. to Phillip Stan and Andrea McHugh, $552,000.

531 Highland Ave., Kenya Faulkner to Ryan Schroeder and Blair Dickinson, $515,000.

122 Twining Rd., Stephen and Kristen Loomis to Adanfoh and Susan Okojie, $350,000.

92 Oreland Place, Rita McDonald est. to Christopher Nigh, $219,900.

1739 Hood Lane, Lois Kastiyel to Joshua Berman, $320,000.

3301 Jeffrey Drive, Stephen and Barbara London to Brian and Laura Malaczewski, $339,900.

1421 Broad St., Chester and Elizabeth Derbyshire to Andrew and Stacey Rose, $885,000.

604 Dresher Woods Drive, Lester Lottier est. to Concetta Della Vecchia, $167,000.

1005 Virginia Drive, Alliance HSP Fort Washington Office Ltd Partnership to Arc KSFTWPA001 LLC, $13,055,263.


1174 Oxford Circle, Christine Reichard to Lisa Amore, $260,000.

1406 Lilac Court, George Dougherty to Ellyn Klein, $240,000.

1821 Mifflin Drive, Bruce and Colleen Alwine to Joseph Bradica, $382,500.

315 Bainbridge Lane, Melissa and Eric Burkes to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $352,000.

315 Bainbridge Lane, Brookfield Relocation Inc to Perri and Chad Haftel, $352,000.

1101 JFK Drive, Maryclare and Francis Dolan Trust to John McHugh, $179,000.

3108 Lilac Court, Laurence and Rhonda Poli to Shirley Ruderman, $319,000.


440 Glenn Rose Circle, Vinay and Rashi Bansal to Jatin Patel and Jignasha Solanki, $360,500.

286 Militia Drive, Kara Zubey to Christie Wilhelm, $375,000.

473 Orchard Rd., Helen Laskaris est. to James and Kristen Shuler, $176,000.

559 Summit St., James Daniels and Malory Drotar to Andrew Karich, $113,000.

20735 Valley Forge Circle, Condo 735, Mehdi and Shahin Javadi to John Bevans, $160,000.

817 Coates St., Joes Tri County Builders Inc to Matthew and Marie Beasley, $155,000.

609 Crestwyck Drive, Stephen and Sara Melisi to Thomas Szczygiel, $338,000.

114 Crockett Rd., Francis and Iris Blanche to Cooper Equities LLC, $330,000.

655 Columbus St., Lisa Creasy to James Smith, $75,000.


2210 Willow Brook Rd., David Clark and Beverly Burton, $317,720.

122 Ellis Rd., Anna and John Cattell to Robert Bernard et al, $140,000.

809 High Ave., Carolyn August-Koeppel and Curtis Kieser to Paolo and Karen Vizza, $284,900.

2409 Parkside Ave., Arnold Lautt and Diane Marter to Anthony Sullivan and Dawn Rodgers, $238,000.

712 Preston Lane, Anthony Valenza to Elizabeth McConnell, $247,000.


247 River Crest Dr., Thomas and Jacqueline Sturwold to Bina and Madan Gupta, $635,000.

316 Strine Court, Brian Sweeney to James Darcangelo, $287,000.

142 Fairfield Circle North, K Hovnanian at Upper Providence LLC to Jian Ping Wang and Xiu Feng Liu, $286,934.

133 Bennington Rd., Toll Pa IV LP to Binny Oonnoonny and Robby Mathew, $588,621.

27 Wilson Way, Toll Pa IV LP to Donald and Kristin Sharples, $678,081.

339 Arcola Rd., Emma Henschel Trust to Arcola 1 LLC, $152,500.

34 Penmore Place, Melissa Kerper to Ruchi Kapur, $278,000.

717 S Fourth Ave., Martin Depaoli est. to Eric Burnett and Jennifer Gambone, $177,000.

373 Vista Drive, Fannie Mae to Bryan and Kimberly Howk, $385,700.

504 Meadowview Lane, Condo 504, Catherine Cooke to Viraj and Suchi Sachdev, $115,000.

60 Plymouth Drive, NVR Inc TA Ryan Homes to Kristen and Andrew Nields, $412,650.

901 Meadowview Lane, William Cartlidge et al to Olivia and Thomas Fazzini, $117,000.


59 Jefferson Ave., Daniel Disanto to Evan and Ellen Salom, $180,000.

2409 Norrington Drive, Gina Boruta to Peter Sion, $191,500.

338 Norris Hall Lane, Sean Flynn to Laura Scotti, $210,000.

336 S Trooper Rd., Peter and Pauline Majka to Quyen and Tuan Nguyen, $197,000.

205 Stone Ridge Drive, Condo 205, David Esqueda and Andrea McDonald to Jenna Gore, $167,500.

100 S Whitehall Rd., James Cognato to Richard and Ilene Theobald, $370,000.

722 Sandalwood Lane, John Valloor to Matthew Turner and Anna Vashko, $187,500.


298 Birch Drive, Luke and Emily Chow to Marie Schmeltzer, $307,000.

451 Ridge Pike, Federal Nat’l Mortgage Assoc to Barry Jacobs, $260,000.

2198 Lantern Lane, Robyn Hirshburg to David Palmer and Milagros Ofray, $375,000.

2138 Birch Drive, Steven and Christin Glassman to Ryan Dreibelbis, $340,000.

7214 Butler Pike, Eugene and Marian Leoni Trust to 33 Sycamore Canyon Rd Living Trust, $1,000,000.

437 Holly Lane, Virginia Schock to Matthew Ault, $385,000.

22 Cherry Court, Christopher and Lindsay Crump to Heather and Douglas Fritts, $405,000.


1590 Pulaski Drive, Noemi Ayuso to Michael and Jenna Wahl, $276,000.

1603 Winchester Drive, Andrew and Margo Abramson to Eustratios Bananis and Zografia Karagiannakis, $553,180.

180 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, Cedarbrook Country Club Inc et al to Cedarbrook Country Club Inc et al, $15,000.

180 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, Cedarbrook Country Club Inc et al to Wissahickon Valley Watershed Assoc, $85,000.

229 Copper Beech Drive, Edward Handy est. to Carhen Enterprises LLC, $200,000.

129 Medniah Drive, Kenneth and Phyllis Matik to Keith Kreitz, $360,000.

11 Jefron Drive, Accel Prop Management LLC to Andrew and Heather Lackey, $267,000.


138 Mustang Way, NVR Inc TA Ryan Homes to George and Janet Benigno, $422,370.

2142 Weber Rd., John Kibblehouse et al to William Snyder and Sarah Lawrence, $733,218.

910 Patriot Lane, Peng Cui and Yun Chu to Amit and Nivedita Gautam, $287,160.

306 Silo Mill Lane, Brookfield Relocation Inc to Brotschol Irrevocable Trust, $315,000.



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