Philip Dowdell named Outstanding Student

Philip Dowdell

UPPER DUBLIN >> Philip Dowdell’s report card, from preschool to his senior year at Upper Dublin High School, likely remarked, “works well with others.”

It is when he is surrounded by others at activities such as Student Government or Mini-THON that Dowdell most enjoys his time. Good things come when Dowdell is with like-minded individuals. As the finance and fundraising chair for the high school’s Mini-THON, Dowdell helped raise more than $35,000 for charity.

“It’s got to be the people,” said Dowdell of his favorite part of Upper Dublin High School. “If you work hard there are the opportunities and people who want you to succeed. There are many teachers who you can tell their favorite part of teaching is when kids ask questions and they can really be there and help them.”

Not all accomplishments are noted on report cards. On May 17, at Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club, Dowdell will claim the Upper Dublin Medal for Outstanding Male Student.

A standout student, Dowdell possesses a GPA of 4.72 and is a member of the National Honor Society. He received the 2016 SHINE Award from the Ambler Rotary which recognizes selflessness, humility, integrity, nobility, and empathy. In addition, he was also a Rotary Club of America Leadership Camp Representative, president of the Spanish club, and earned an honorable mention in the National Spanish Exam, Level IV. Dowdell is also an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America club and received first place honors in the 2016 Regional Accounting Test.

How does he juggle multiple activities and maintain a stellar academic standing?

“It’s tough,” admitted Dowdell. “A lot of it is staying committed and organized. You can’t just naturally get A’s. If you are willing to put in the work you can reap the benefits.”

Dowdell flourished as treasurer of the Student Government Association and working with other students for Mini-THON.

“Mini-THON and SGA aren’t happening if it’s just one student or two,” said Dowdell. “It’s a collaborative effort. I’ve been blessed to be at a high school where there are so many students who want to do great things and are willing to put in the work and be passionate about so many incredible things.”

The Oreland resident’s hobbies include hanging out with friends and playing basketball. Disappointed about not making the junior varsity basketball team in 10th grade, he soon realized it gave him more time to participate in other activities.

The prestige of the Upper Dublin Medal is not lost on Dowdell, who is familiar with previous winners. He is honored to have his name added to the list of recipients.

“I’m in awe,” commented Dowdell. “It’s very humbling. You look at the other people who were nominated and they are incredible and completely deserving of an award like this and so are other people in the grade who weren’t nominated.”

Dowdell hopes to make his college decision soon and would like to pursue a career in business. Upon reflecting on his soon-to-be-completed time at Upper Dublin High School, Dowdell hopes that younger grades can look to him as a role model like he did with previous medal winners. He would also like to see Mini-THON continue to grow.

“Not only is Phil an incredibly intelligent young man who has excelled here academically, but also he has made a difference in the lives of others,” said Jessica Sachson, school counselor and MiniTHON co-advisor. “Through a variety of activities, clubs and leadership roles, he has truly managed to make a mark. This year, he held some of the most important and worthy roles in the building, mentoring and leading other students, in his caring and considerate manner. He is a role model to others, through his words, his actions and the choices he makes daily. He always has a smile, and he is truly one of the most respectful young people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

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