To the Editor:

This upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, is a wonderful opportunity for us to elect a strong advocate for human rights.

Madeleine Dean has a proven record of service to our nation, to our state and to people of all walks of life. She is a visionary and will be an asset to serve in Congress and has demonstrated in public service that she is able to work across party lines and puts people ahead of party. Her record speaks for itself, and she has earned the reputation of being a gifted, committed woman who values public service.

As pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church for more than 30 years, I have watched her serve with integrity, passion and zeal to improve the quality of life for people regardless of their party affiliation, their ethnicity or their social standing.

We need a change in Congress, and in my humble view, Madeleine Dean is the change we need. She will raise her voice against social injustice and will speak on behalf of all Americans. I plan to cast my vote for her.

Let us turn out on Election Day and vote in large numbers for a woman who stands tall and will serve all. Let’s make this Election Day one in which we can see hope on the horizon in a nation that is torn apart by racism, classism and sexism. We have the opportunity to change the direction of our country. My prayer is that not only will we elect Madeleine Dean but also others who will stand shoulder to shoulder with her in uniting our country as one nation under God.

— Pastor Charles W. Quann, Bethlehem Baptist Church

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