We all know the damage that lead exposure can cause. Studies have found that Pennsylvania has the highest number of schools with elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. Currently, public schools in PA are not required to test for lead in water and if they do, their standard is 15 parts per billion, which is a standard not supported by health professionals. The American Academy of Pediatrics is clear: no level of lead is safe. Our communities need to come together to protect the health of children and set stricter standards on drinking water.

Luckily, House Bill 930 aims to introduce mandatory testing of lead levels in our public schools and sets the limit at 5 parts per billion, which is the safest for our children and supported by scientists. We have the opportunity to protect the health of the next generation in the places where they learn and grow. Our state house leaders can act by co-sponsoring this important legislation. 

Natasha Porter, Penn Environment Intern

Penn Environment is a state-wide citizens environmental advocacy group with members in Montgomery County and across the state. 

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