Need a break from the “fear and uncertainty” of COVID-19? I’m sure you do. And so, too, do the youngsters linked to an Ambler nonprofit group now offering help with programs like a virtual 5k run.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide opportunities for girls to be physically active, emotionally healthy and engaged with the core values of our programs,” said Tracy Ashdale, executive director, Girls on the Run of Montgomery & Delaware Counties (GOTR).

The 14-year-old GOTR organization works with about 2,100 girls ages eight to 13 in some 90 schools in the two counties, using programs to “strengthen emotional, physical and behavioral skills.” It ends a “season” with a celebratory 5k run that this year goes digital.

“We are incredibly disappointed,” said Ashdale of the pandemic’s impact on the group. “But we recognize our great collective responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy community for all.”

GOTR on April 13 unveiled a four-stage program “to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident” during the current stay-at-home period. The stages are:

  • GOTR at Home. Fun and interactive lessons are provided to do at home with family members so participating girls “can learn and grow.” Lessons are available in an easy-to-follow written format on a YouTube video series, said organizers.
  • #GOTRGotYourBack. Linked to the hashtag #GOTRGotYourBack on Facebook and Instagram, this program offers “alternative tips, activities and mini lessons” for all.
  • GOTR Connect. Girls registered in the program will weekly meet with their teammates and coaches in a virtual setting “to discuss a weekly lesson concept in a positive, joyful and empowering space,” said the group.
  • Virtual 5k run. Participants run a 5k on their own at home. Said GOTR: “We’re thrilled to host a virtual 5k with the intent to motivate girls and their families to stay active during this time.” To follow the group and get more information about the run, visit Facebook (under the same name), Instagram (@girlsontherunpastrong) and the website (

The new energy will provide participants with a healthy path and motivation during a rough time, said Ashdale.

“We’re working now more than ever to offer our girls and community a break from the fear and uncertainty they may be feeling,” she said.

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