BLUE BELL — Two franchisee partners are opening a new fitness studio in Blue Bell and are kicking it all off with a month of free classes.

Geoff Veale and Andrew Soule have been working to bring the first Tough Mudder Bootcamp to Pennsylvania.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp is a gym that offers 45-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)-based workout classes. 

The gym comes from the Tough Mudder Brand, which has core values of community and overcoming obstacles.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp applies the values of the brand to its classes.

“One of their core values is overcoming difficult situations or obstacles through the help of others and a team,” Soule said.

The classes are designed to be team-focused to fit this mold.

“When you have a family and a community, or a tribe, as Tough Mudder Bootcamp enthusiasts like to call it, it helps you accomplish those goals in a more fun, exciting way,” Soule said.

Each class has a maximum size of 24 people and participants go through six stations in pairs or groups.

Participants wear monitors that track data while they are working out, and a screen at the front of the room displays the data throughout the class.

This process adds opportunity for competition between groups, as well as provides data on an app for class participants to look back on.

For those interested in keeping up with Tough Mudder Bootcamp classes, each day offers a different class.

“If you came every day of the week, you’d get a different class each time,” Soule said.

One may wonder what level of fitness is needed for these classes.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp may seem like a gym solely for crazy-talented and fit athletes, but this is not that case.

Everyone is welcome. There are possible modifications for every workout and the gym hopes to create a non-intimidating environment.

“This gym is for any person who has any interest in getting fit,” Soule said.

Do not expect to see giant tires or very heavy weights during these classes. Bodyweight exercises, along with sandbags, medicine balls and kettlebells, are more the focus for the workouts.

“It’s very functional-oriented. Literally anyone from 16 to 90, if they can do it, could work out here and have a blast,” Soule said.

Those who have tried the classes, whether they are new to fitness or have been involved in many boutique fitness trends, have given great feedback.

“People who have tried the classes have said, ‘I can’t believe how fast that was!’, I can’t believe how fun that was!’ or ‘I can’t believe how different that was!’” Soule said.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp strives to benefit participants in more ways than just fitness gains.

“You’re going to meet awesome people, have a great workout in a great environment that doesn’t take life too seriously, but you get this incredible workout,” Soule said.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp in Blue Bell began its month of free classes on Saturday, July 20.

Classes are offered seven days a week and you can sign up on their website:

Veale and Soule have plans to open five centers in the region. 

“When we open our fifth one -- we hope people will say, ‘Oh cool, this one is opening closer to me. I can’t wait for that,” Soule said.

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