One of the summer’s hottest days (Friday, July 19) was Super Hero Day at the Hatboro Area YMCA. The campers put a spin on the title and dedicated the day to local superheroes. Camp Director Cindy Auspitz worked with the Hatboro Fire Marshall, Erick Myers, to coordinate the event.

The entire camp took part in a morning of demonstrations by the Hatboro Police, The Second alarmers Ambulance corps, the Hatboro Fire Dept. and they witnessed the landing and take off a medical helicopter for “JeffStat” at Miller Meadow. Campers got a first hand look at all the vehicles and asked questions of the local officers. Following the chopper’s take-off, the local firemen sprayed the campers with cool water from a fire truck – a nice treat on a 90+ temperature day.

In explaining how this all came about Ms. Auspitz related how she met the Fire Marshall last winter during a routine inspection of the Y. She said she “boldly” asked if he could get her a helicopter for Superhero week and he said that, yes, he had a connection. This was the last summer for the Y in Hatboro before moving operations to the new Willow Grove YMCA. “I’m so grateful to our local law enforcement personnel for coming out on such a hot a day to give our campers an experience they will never forget,” she said.

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