FORT WASHINGTON -- The Fort Washington Lightbridge Academy, an early education and child care center, in partnership with the brand’s non-profit, the Lightbridge Foundation, has recently donated $500 to a local, deserving charity. Lightbridge Academy owner Randi Weiss and center director Jane Bucknam chose to donate these funds to the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, a local charity that lightens burdens and lifts spirits of families caring for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and injuries since 1976.

Bucknam and the kindergarten students from Lightbridge Academy presented the check on Tuesday, November 17th.

“We wanted to choose a local fund to help families of children who are health compromised during these times. Our donation will go directly to their Thanksgiving fund to give their families in need a Thanksgiving dinner,” said Bucknam. “It is truly wonderful to partner with the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial to make sure all those children are taken care of.”

Lightbridge Academy is committed to spreading good news by lending a helping hand and leaning into their Circle of Care philosophy that includes caring for those in the greater community. Along with the help of the Lightbridge Foundation, a non-profit sector of Lightbridge Academy that supports children and families, the Fort Washington center is thrilled to give back to their community through this memorial fund.

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