RSVP, headquartered at 901 E. 8th Ave., King of Prussia. announced the receipt of a $3,000 grant from The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. to support their COVID-19 Emergency Response.

Michele Moll, RSVP’s Executive Director reports “This grant will allow us to respond to the emerging critical needs of our most vulnerable community members adversely affected by the COVID-19 health crisis.”

Since March 15, RSVP has recruited, screened and enrolled an additional 360 new volunteers to meet growing needs by delivering food and medications, staffing food pantries, referring Medical Reserve Corps volunteers and providing virtual educational assistance to students learning from home.

In the past month RSVP shifted focus from school and home-based programs in order to keep volunteers safe and practice social distancing.  To continue to meet the needs of these groups, RSVP’s school-based programs now provide virtual learning and tutoring. STEM Career Presentations are viewed by students on their home computers to inspire them.  Veterans continue to receive virtual math tutoring to prepare for college courses. In home assistance for low-income seniors now includes grocery and medication deliveries as well as friendly phone calls.  Medicare counseling is conducted by phone sessions. Management professionals counsel nonprofits on best practices and more volunteers than ever are delivering warm meals and a smile to isolated low-income seniors.

By focusing on volunteer recruitment to meet emerging critical needs and adapting program delivery, RSVP is continuing to meet the needs of our most vulnerable community members with the support of local foundations.  Moll continues “We are very grateful for this grant from the Montgomery County Foundation.”

About RSVP: RSVP is a multiservice nonprofit organization meeting the needs in the community through volunteerism.  Volunteer impact programs focus on the needs of vulnerable populations (such as disadvantaged preschool children, at-risk youth, the elderly, those with low literacy skills and veterans) and by providing capacity building support to other nonprofits. To learn more visit        


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