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The season of Lent is traditionally a time of reflection leading to the celebration of Easter. With that in mind, the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal and the Vincentians of the Eastern Province have, for the third year in succession, introduced a collection of inspirational videos.

There are 40 videos in the series, which are intended to be viewed daily during the 40-day period encompassing Ash Wednesday, February 26, and Easter Sunday, April 12. The videos feature lay people as well as members of the religious community. They will be available by e-mail through the shrine at

The theme of this year’s series is Amazing Grace. Trish Shea, a spokeswoman for the CAMM says the videos, which run two to three minutes each, focus in putting God’s grace to work in daily life. The interviewees are asked to give their own examples of God’s grace.

“We get students from some of the local schools,” Shea said, “grade schools and high schools. “We get parishioners, we get some of the priests, some teachers. We get a very varied assortment of participants.”

Shea says the CAMM sees the videos as not only a way of offering spiritual enlightenment but also of connecting with new generations of worshipers. “We’ve got to reach them in (new) mediums,” she said. “Especially since we’re trying to engage younger audiences because a lot of our followers now are dying out. They’re of that age where they’ve been involved for years but our population is starting to die out. So, we’re trying to engage younger people; students, business professionals, mothers, fathers, college students.

“We’re trying to reach them in a medium they enjoy. And we have found that videos really connect with them. And it also makes it more personal because (the participants) talk directly to you and they’re telling their own personal stories pf their experiences with Amazing Grace. Everyone has a different reflection but it all comes down to being transformative and the whole them of what lent is and reflecting on your life.”

The Miraculous Medal Shrine is located at 500 East Chelten Ave. in Germantown. In addition to the shrine it features a museum that contains over 500 pieces of Marian and religious art.

For more information about the shrine and the museum go to or call 215-848-1010.

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