Philadelphia — Three singers from Germantown represented the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a virtual rendition of the National Anthem that was featured on the Opening Night of the Democractic National Convention (DNC). They were part of an ensemble of young people that has ties to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the five U.S. territories. The choir, which has become known as the “Choir Across America” reflects the diversity which makes America so unique as a country, with singers of different ethnicities, religions and views.

Elliot Savage (age 16), Naya Snyder (10) and Dylan Webber (12) are members of Keystone State Boychoir (KSB) and Pennsylvania Girlchoir (PG). “Music brings people together like nothing else. I am so glad to be part of that in times like these,” Elliot said of the experience.

KSB and PG Founder, Steve Fisher, partnered with the DNC to pull the choir together in 10 days. “When the DNC took me up on my idea to assemble Singers with ties to every state, I knew I had Pennsylvania covered,” says Fisher. “But the rest took a bit of doing. Though it was a partisan event, it was not a political statement for me,” explains Fisher. “I’ve always wanted to show the country that singing has the power to bring us together, no matter our state or our views.” Fisher expects for “Choir Across America” to continue to sing virtually and in person in the future.

If you know a young person who loves to sing, visit Pennsylvania Girlchoir, or its brother choir Keystone State Boychoir, auditions for the Fall are being scheduled now.

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