IHM tech award winners (L-R) Lauren Kemm, Bridget Foley, Ashley Lapuscinski, Sonya Aversa, Stacey MacDonald, and Liz Donahue.   

By Rick Cawley

For the Review

Right off the bat, let’s start by saying that all teachers deserve some kind of award for the past two academic years. The prospect of providing meaningful instruction during the pandemic crisis, with some teachers having no personal contact with students, conjures up enormous challenges.

It’s fitting still to single out those teachers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Six members of the IHM faculty have been selected by the Archdiocese to receive the EdTech Influencer Award for just that reason.

The Ed Tech Influencer Award is earned by members of the AoP education community who demonstrate their dedication, enthusiasm, and support for technology. The recipients used technology in innovative ways to help engage and enhance the learning of their students.

The IHM teachers receiving the prestigious recognition include:

Lauren Kemm (Kindergarten)

Bridget Foley (Grade 5)

Ashley Kapuscinski (Grade 6)

Sonya Aversa (Honors Math)

Stacey MacDonald (Middle School Social Studies)

Liz Donahue (Middle School Math)

Hats off to the award winners and all teachers striving each day to make a difference in our children’s lives !


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