The Cheltenham and Springfield Township school districts each received $35,000 in grant funding to develop technology skills in the classroom, State Rep. Steve McCarter (D-154) announced.

“High-demand jobs often require a strong understanding of computer science and technology,” McCarter said in a Jan. 22 statement. “These PAsmart grants will help our schools invest in our students, creating a workforce that is truly prepared for the future.”

The grants will go towards implementing computer science programs, and provide training for teachers in prekindergarten through 12th grades, according to a statement from McCarter’s office.

More than 1,100 teachers across the state will receive training to teach STEM and computer science as a result of the grant funding, McCarter's office said.

The Montgomery County school districts were part of the 163 grant awardees putting efforts towards improving access to computer science for several groups including "students of color, girls, low-income students and students in rural communities," according to McCarter's office.

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