By Jim Cawley

For the Review

Volunteer members of the Andorra Kids organization, with support from the Friends of the Wissahickon, held a cleanup outing along the Wissahickon Creek on Sunday.

The call to arms was originated by members Kim Benedetto and Chris Solarski Sr., who with many other local citizens have become alarmed by the increasing amounts of trash that have been accumulating as the park area has had a recent surge in usage.

The heaviest usage areas have generally been along the waters edge in the Valley Green and Devil’s Pool vicinity. Dozens of families can be seen each weekend picnicking and swimming along the creek’s banks. Although the majority of day-trippers are conscientious enough to take their waste with them when they depart, there are way too many groups who are leaving behind a disheartening amount of debris in their wake.

The cleanup party, spearheaded by Andorra Kids Sr. Administrator Sharon Schultz, was provided masks, gloves, and refreshments for the event by their organization. The FOW’s Cindi Larue chipped in with trash bags for the work detail and also suggested a game plan of target areas on which to focus.

The volunteers were able to fill dozens of trash bags full of litter along Forbidden Drive with some even venturing to the more challenging areas along the opposite shore. It was encouraging to see many of the passersby grabbing trash bags and offering to join in with the cleanup crews.

In addition to the Andorra Kids, several other organizations had members patrolling the banks of the Creek for trash collection in what will hopefully be an ongoing effort of civic duty.

The Andorra Kids are planning to follow up their cleanup efforts with a Phase 2 operation at a later date as well as continued periodic maintenance efforts to try to keep up with the increased trash buildup along the Wissahickon Creek hotspots.


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