First Dog of Montgomery County

Louis, of Bala Cynwyd, receives the honor of "First Dog" of Montgomery County Monday following his victory in the "Indoguration Contest."

NORRISTOWN — And the winner is ...

Louis was awarded the honorary title of First Dog of Montgomery County, a spokesperson for the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board announced last week.

Nearly 400 photos of furry friends across the county were entered into the "Indoguration Contest," according to Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus, who announced the Bala Cynwyd pup more formally known as Louis Pasteur Croissant as the winner.

A “pandemic puppy,” born in May 2020, Louis' pet parent said Louis “loves to play in the snow, go on hikes and snuggle with his favorite humans.” 

“Louis is a sweet, loving dog who is always by our side,” Louis’ pet parent said.

Photos of Louis will be featured on Montgomery County’s dog licensing website, along with the contest’s other honorable mentions, according to Salus.

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