COLLEGEVILLE — Restaurants and bars are seriously feeling the pinch from coronavirus constraints —  and so are businesses like Janicki Party Planning.

The business, billed as “your one-stop-shop for all your party needs,” would normally be booking rental tents, tables and chairs for spring events and graduation parties this time of year.

But with no reservations to plan for, owner Zenon Janicki is thinking of ways he can help those struggling restaurants and keep the food cupboards stocked at the same time.

“I don’t really have any parties coming up due to this coronavirus, so what I’m doing is, I emptied my trailer out and I’m using it as a collection trailer for the food pantries in the area,” said owner Zenon Janicki. “It’s the right thing to do. Instead of my trailer sitting there doing nothing, let’s put it to good use. What I’d like to do is offer the trailer to restaurants and bars so people can come in and drop off canned goods, and on the way out stop and patronize the restaurant for takeout. So, it’s a two-sided program being that you’re helping out the food pantries and you’re also helping out the local restaurants and bars that are open also,” he explained. “Maybe some restaurants will see this on Facebook and say let’s give it a whirl. We want it in our parking lot also. It draws people in.”

His main goal is to replenish the shelves at the Daily Bread Community Food Pantry in Collegeville, noted Janicki, a Collegeville resident.

“I’ll do sporadic collections for the Daily Bread food pantry throughout the year,” he said. “I’ve been associated with food pantries for the last five years but I stepped it up now because I don’t have any rentals. But if the food really starts piling up we can share the wealth with other food pantries in the area besides Daily Bread,” he added. “If we get an overabundance of stuff then we start helping out the other food pantries also.”

From Lower Providence to Jeffersonville and East Norriton, Janicki wants to hear from restaurant and bar owners who’d like to partner in the food drive.

“I will go anywhere in the area. If Amedeo’s in Jeffersonville calls me, that’s not an issue, I will drop the trailer off and set it all up. The incentive for the community is to drop off the canned goods and also support that local restaurant or bar that’s serving the food by making a purchase. If it means just one bag of canned goods goes to a family, then it’s worth it. Wherever the trailer needs to go I’ll make sure it gets there.”

Restaurant owners interested in participating in the food drive should call 484-576-9426.

The trailer will accept donations at Santoni’s Garage, 3940 Ridge Pike, Lower Providence, April 4 and 5; Giuseppe's Pizza at Skippack, 3509 W. Skippack Pike, April 7 through 9; Trappe Tavern, 416 W. Main St., Trappe, April 10 and 11.

For updates on collections, visit the Janicki Party Planning Facebook page.

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