LANSDALE — The February winner of Lansdale's Business of the Month award has turned a longtime borough landmark into a one-of-a-kind destination.

"Love Obsessed" and owner Stacy Dill were recognized by Economic Development Committee chairwoman Carrie Hawkins Charlton Wednesday night for breathing new life into a classic borough building.

"Walking into one of my favorite buildings in town, you'll see handmade Art Deco tiles out front, the old worn original wood floor refinished to a bright, fawn color inside, the industrial vibe of the ceiling," said Hawkins Charlton.

"Then, you immediately notice the perfectly-hung racks of clothing, and I started to notice the sayings on the bags of jewelry around the store," she said.

Love Obsessed began in 2012, when Dill started making jewelry at her dining room table, and a friend asked to buy it. Her next step was an online Etsy store, which has since grown to an audience of tens of thousands of online followers. From there, Dill started selling jewelry at shows across the country, before realizing the next step would be to create a storefront.

"Stacy shared with me that her dream of selling clothing has taken on a bigger purpose: she wants everyone who walks in to feel comfortable," Hawkins Charlton said.

"She tells the staff: 'The store is their home, let's make everyone feel comfortable,'" she said.

Why did she choose Lansdale to set up shop? For several reasons, Hawkins Charlton told council: Dill's family traces their history in Lansdale back more than two centuries, and while she was born and raised in Souderton, she remembers driving to town to visit local businesses often.

Dill's first store opened in Quakertown in August 2016, then a second in Souderton a year later, before the former arts center and Masonic temple building at 311 West Main Street in Lansdale caught her eye, and the borough manager helped solidify her plans.

"When she was looking at the possible 311 building as her new Love Obsessed home, someone told her to reach out to John Ernst. She said, after numerous rounds of phone tag, John left a message that said 'What do we need to get you into Lansdale?'" Hawkins Charlton said.

"Stacy said that sealed the deal: that one small voicemail convinced her Lansdale was going to be her next location," she said, before thanking Ernst for his efforts.

On a recent visit, Hawkins Charlton said her eye was drawn to the phrases on jewelry bags and clothing around the store: 'Say yes to new adventures,' 'Take a chance,' 'Girls support girls,' and 'Good things happen to those who hustle,' among others.

"That's how Stacy's store makes you feel: it made me feel welcomed, and inspired, and happy, and I hope Love Obsessed continues to make everyone feel that way as well," she said.

Dill said she was honored by the recognition, and thankful to be part of a town that supports its local businesses.

"Lansdale is an amazing town, filled with great businesses and awesome people," she said, naming nearby businesses Scent and Sip, The Underground, Wister's Barbecue, and Well Crafted Brewing among others.

"I have never felt so welcome than when I decided to come to Lansdale. So many people reached out to me and were like, 'We are so excited that you're coming here.' I knew that I made the right decision," she said.

Dill recalled her opening day in 2018 was delayed slightly due to certain permit problems, and recalled telling her soon-to-be-customers who were asking how they could help that it wasn't through any fault of the borough.

"I said, 'Listen guys, I appreciate your tenacity, I can see you want to fight with me, but I know Lansdale wants us to open just as much as you guys do,'" she said.

Dill thanked Hawkins Charlton for the award, borough staff for their help in starting up the business, council for their support, and her friends and family for their backing.

"While Love Obsessed started as a little Etsy shop eight years ago, with just $7 and a dream, this right here is proof of what courage and hard work can do," she said, "when you quiet all those voices in your head that are telling you all the things that can go wrong, and you just focus on all the things that can go right."

"I love Lansdale. I love being a part of it. I'll help it in any way I can, and I'll be here as long as you'll have me."

Love Obsessed is located at 311 W. Main Street in Lansdale and is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. For more information call (215) 368-8190, visit, follow @Loveobsessed on Instagram or search for "Love Obsessed Jewelry" on Facebook.

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