Following the ordered closing of all non-life-sustaining businesses this past March, members of the Roxborough real estate community contacted the Roxborough Development Corporation (RDC) to offer support during an extraordinary time.

One idea formulated was to identify priority projects that could employ local companies and advance the public realm on Ridge Avenue as a support to the larger business district and community.

Through the Roxborough Roots On Ridge program $25,000 has been raised to date and a list of five priorities including expanded cleaning, planting, landscaping, branding and public art projects have been developed. These projects would leverage the RDC’s annual operations to go above and beyond, continuing to advance the Ridge as the heart and hub of the community.

In a typical year the RDC invests over $100,000 in landscaping, lighting, street trees, cleaning, graffiti removal, and security services to keep Ridge Avenue clean, green, safe, and welcoming. It cleans and enhances a popular pocket park, five miles of walkable sidewalks, over 200 street trees, nearly 125 planters and two busy public parking lots. Now the RDC is setting the stage for a strong recovery as more Ridge Avenue businesses reopen their doors or expand hours. With the launch of the Roots on Ridge Investments Program, this corporate giving campaign is supporting the recovery of small, local businesses through impactful streetscape improvements.

“Over the past 90 days as part of our district improvement operations we have cleaned 20,000 gallons of trash and coordinated to remove 100 pieces of graffiti from Ridge Avenue and surrounding residential areas,” said James Harry Calamia Executive Director with RDC. “Through Roots On Ridge we are taking improvements a step further, now deep cleaning the commercial corridor, pressure washing over 30,000 square feet of sidewalks and planting over 250 plants and flowers.”


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