By Rick Cawley
For the Review

The Roxborough Manayunk Conservancy recently focused their weekly Tuesday clean up efforts along Main Street across from the United Artists theatre near Ridge Ave. Organizers Rich Giordano and Tom Landsmann led a robust group of volunteers who battled excessive heat conditions to  help beautify the venue. Dedicated volunteers tackle a different park or natural area each week to help make a difference in the aesthetic appearance of our community.The group helps to maintain dozens of parks in our neighborhood.

The group spent well over an hour weeding, mulching, and clearing debris from the wooded hill. The mulch (59 cubic feet) and some post work party refreshments were generously donated by the Penn Realty folks. The 5th District lent their support by providing Officer Larry Campbell who closed down Main St. to incoming traffic to allow the volunteers to have free access to the work area without having to worry about dodging the 61 bus.
The RMC president Tom Landsmann marveled at the work output under trying circumstances. "The conditions were not ideal but 22 of our great performers still made a meaningful contribution. Great people accomplish remarkable tasks.
This was the Conservancy's 20th outing of the summer and will continue each Tuesday into October.
The next Tuesday outing will be on August 4 at Germany Hill across from Hillside Recreation Center.
Of all the things to be proud of in our community, the outstanding work of this group deserves a "hat's off" from everyone.


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