Upper Southampton Township has asked its residents to ignore information from its trash hauler allowing certain plastic items like chip, cereal and candy bags to be recycled.

“Please disregard the flyer that you recently received in the mail regarding flexible plastic recycling,” the township implored in its website (ustwp.org).

For its part, the hauler, J. P. Mascaro & Sons, of Audubon, acknowledged erroneous information had been released to Upper Southampton Township residents, as well as neighboring Northampton and Lower Southampton township homeowners.

“Thank you for your interest in our new flexible plastic recycling program,” states Mascaro in a prepared statement. “If you are calling from Northampton, Southampton or Lower Southampton townships regarding the mailer you have received, please note there are no changes to your recycling program at this time. The mailer was circulated to your community in error, and you should ignore the changes and continue to follow your township’s guidelines for recycling. We apologize for this confusion and look forward to extending this program to you in the future.”

A spokesperson later said “it was sent in error. We’ll be sending a new flyer explaining it in the next week.”

In the early January flyer, the company announced to its customers: “Your Community Can Recycle More!” and added, “By upgrading our equipment, we can now include a wider range of materials.”

But Mascaro admitted the new materials could not be processed at its current facilities.

The new materials said to allowed included flexible plastic packaging materials. They include stand-up and zipper-lock pouches (i.e. frozen fruit and vegetable pouches, granola zipper-lock pouches and candy zipper-lock pouches), crinkly wrappers and bags (chip, candy and cereal bags), flexible packaging with plastic seal (fresh pasta packaging, pre-packaged deli meat and cheese packaging), woven and net plastic bags (onion, orange, lemon and avocado net bags), and non-food protective packaging (plastic shipping envelopes and bubble wrap).

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