Abington residents will find, by going to www.AbingtonCitizens.com that on Nov 12th a budget will have passed with them having almost no knowledge of the plethora of bad things in it. This year alone there is a 9.9 % tax hike. But that is only one third of what they plan to hike your taxes. The second shoe is planned to drop next year when the other 2/3 of the desired hike has already been conceived … and even that doesn’t solve their problems.

There is barely a single resident in the Township aware of what is being done -- and there are massive changes that people would be quite unhappy to see in this budget. Reduction of personnel and therefore services, consolidation of power at the top, increase to the fees for the Solicitor -- even though many (most?) of the fees have been caused by him -- and spending on items that have never been properly vetted, like the Economic Development Corporation and a new Township Building. The approval will have been accomplished by withholding any presentation of the 530-some page budget until 5 business days before the approval for advertising … instead of presenting it in October as was done in the past.

Also at www.AbingtonCitizens.com residents will see a link to the Economic Development Corporation, which they are appropriating money for in this budget even though there was massive objection to it. The Commissioners want to “become” developers and this would be their development arm -- but it is separate in a way that they do not have to follow the rules the Township would be bound by (like bidding regulations). The sheer fact that they tried to pass this straight through to a hearing before the ordinance itself was even written or vetted even minimally should tell you something about how opposed people would be if they understood it.

What’s wrong with having the Township “become” the developer ... you know, the same entity that they oversee and the same entity they grant zoning for? You do recall the whistleblower suit, the attorney general investigation? The Grand Jury? You paid for all of that. And are still paying……

Now they want to use your hard earned tax dollars to set up a corporation that will be controlled by them -- but without the rules that protect us. And they want your Manager (free) to be Executive Director –- and they want to use your personnel for $1 a year.

That’s not in your interests. Plain and simple. Please connect in. Your voice is needed.

Lora Lehmann


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