In reference to Bob Keeler’s article about the new speed/ped crossing signs on Washington Ave, I am alarmed that there are any complaints at all. Have we forgotten the traffic accidents involving pedestrians that have happened in recent years?

The fact of the matter is that there are 500-plus kids that use the Indian Boys and Girls Club on a weekly basis, comparable to our area elementary schools. Before these lighted signs, drivers either never noticed or showed little care to the posted 25 MPH speed limit and crossings despite the proximity to what really should be a school zone. I would not dare to send my kids on their own across Washington to the park.

As Council President Brian Goshow noted in last week’s article, the signs have been showing that they work at reducing vehicle speed and making drivers more aware of foot-traffic. So why aren’t we applauding this endeavor in making our streets safer for our children? In addition I believe added signs onto Main and Broad Street will attract more foot traffic to area businesses further making downtown a destination for residents and visitors alike.

It’s unfortunate that the few complaints regarding opinions of the sign’s attractiveness have shifted the focus away from their proven success. Let’s set aside the personal preferences with how the signs look and keep the bigger picture in mind ... these signs are working to make Souderton safer!

Ryan Wallace


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