Drum roll, please. Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen. Here now the latest and greatest delightful results in sales of deliciously delectable sweets savored at Christmas against taste delights like an assortment of joyful favorite cookies and baked enchantments.

The top three candies in Pennsylvania this season: Second Runner-up: Reindeer Corn; First Runner-up: Candy Canes, and your sweet winner….

Reese’s Cup Minis.

It’s a big deal. The online bulk candy store, CandyStore.com, said Christmastime candy sales will top $2 billion. That’s right, TWO BILLION.

Says CanduStore.com: “Do you hang candy canes from your tree? Maybe you make chocolate lollipops shaped like reindeer? Or decorate snowman cookies with sprinkles and peppermint candy? OK, well a lot of people do and it all adds up.”

To determine the favorites, CandyStore surveyed consumers and spoke with candy manufacturers. Reese’s Cup Minis, a holiday version of the Reese’s you know and love, was number one in 10 states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. New York picked Snickers. Tops in 13 states was Reindeer Corn., it said.

Reindeer, what? I’ve never seen or eaten such candy (or reindeer vegetables, either). Explains CandyStore: “Reindeer corn is like candy corn, but Christmas-colored.” Makes sense. But for further information on the Halloween-treat-turned-Christmas-favorite, I checked with Jake, a customer service representative, at Giant Food Center, Second Street Pike, Southampton.

“I’ll check in the seasonal aisle,” he said in response to my inquiry, returning shortly with his findings. “We do have the Reese’s Minis and candy canes,” he said. “I asked my grocery manager about Reindeer Corn and they all looked at me like I was crazy. So I guess we don’t have that.”

Pretty much the same result at Walmart in Warminster. “I was just over there and didn’t see that,” said a representative, who checked a second time and reported, “No, we do not.”’

And then: no Corn, but Reindeer Rice at Stutz Candies, Warminster Road, Hatboro, where a store rep said the Rice version has peanut butter covered with a white candy coating. “It’s delicious,” she said. Sounds it.

So where is this sweet Corn? It was a top seller in Virginia, Georgia and Alabama, so it’s gotta be there. They’re not too far away. And while on the road to those places, you’ll find candy canes tops in Maine, Snickers best in New York, Cup Minis number one in California, and Hershey Kisses the winner in Alaska and Hawaii.

Hope you had a sweet Christmas and New Year’s.

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