Clearly, we live in a finger pointing society. Blame is always a coat that fits the other guy, but never us.

So, of course, the proximate cause of the start of C-19 virus pandemic appears to be an open-air meat market in Wuhan, China, that served dead bats-on-a-stick, among other delicacies. The start is China's fault.

However, the causes of the pandemic's spread in the U.S. are firmly rooted in the U.S. How so?

1. Let's begin with the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee. That's when science first lost out to a set of religious beliefs that were set in a then new state law, the Butler Act, which forbad teaching evolution in schools. Other states quickly followed Tennessee's lead. As late as 1967, teaching evolution in schools was still under formal legal challenge.

This strong anti-science strain of beliefs is still imbedded in our society today. It's one of the reasons why so many governors, especially in the South and Mid-West, have refused to issue "stay-at-home" orders to contain spread of the virus, despite the growing body counts, and why so many politicians continue to run for election on thinly veiled anti-science platforms.

2. Another root cause is the steady anti-governmental drum beat over the past 50 years.

The assassination of JFK shook our faith in government. The lies told by LBJ and Nixon and others, as revealed in the Pentagon Papers, added to the distrust of government. Elected post-Watergate, Carter was unable to restore faith in government.

Enter Reagan, who took ascendency in part by mocking government workers and their brief cases filled with peanut butter sandwiches. His motto was "Government is the not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

George W. Bush's unjustified invasion of Iraq, his subsequent gross mismanagement of the war and Hurricane Katrina and finally the near fatal collapse of our financial system deeply added to the distrust of government.

Following the election of Obama, the anti-government buzz was about a secret, non-existent "Deep State," supported by a constant barrage of lies from the Far Right, led by Fox News. U.S. Supreme Court nominees now rise or fall exclusively on the basis of their view of Roe vs, Wade. It's OK to watch semi-automatic weapons of war slaughter our children and others. The government has no right to limit my God-given right to limit my deadly toys in any way.

Sadly, the combination of the above has taken us to where we are today. First, we were told that the C-19 virus was a just a "hoax." Then we were told it was going to be easy to control in the U.S. But then maybe it wasn't.

Rather than organize a national response, we were told by our president that ending the spread of the is up to the states: "I don't accept responsibility for anything." An additional screw was provided by the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner: "The federal stockpile is our stockpile... it's not supposed to be used as the state's stockpile."

So, rather than outright ban meetings of any kind, including religious services, or beaches and non-essential businesses nation-wide, many God-loving but government-hating governors have done nothing.

Prayer beliefs and public safety needs are being pitted against one another and thousands of Americans are dying as a result.

John McCann


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