Harrisburg is up to their shenanigans believing we are not paying attention. They plan to use OUR tax dollars to further enrich owners of private and religious schools!

Senate Bill 1, introduced by Sen. Scott Martin to the Senate Education Committee, would:

Increase tax breaks to businesses and corporations who support private and religious schools, then increase that by 25% each year

COST: $300M this year; $1B over 5 years

Empower a commission of political appointees to open charter schools WITHOUT School Board and taxpayer approval

COST: in 2019-20 alone we, the PA taxpayers, spent $2B on charter school tuition bills which is money taken away from our local schools

Maintain the current funding formula for charter schools that pays these schools MORE than the actual cost to educate students

COST: Billions of tax dollars drained from our local schools and opportunities for waste and fraud

These startling numbers are according to the Education Voters of PA.

Our local public schools educate 90% of PA students. As part of the American Rescue Plan, PA is receiving $7.3B in federal funds. We already have $3B in reserve. Let’s use some of these funds to provide quality and equitable education for ALL of our PA students. This Bill is moving fast, so contact your PA legislator today and assure them we are paying attention!

Ada Miller

West Rockhill Township

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