BEDMINSTER — Several incidents of suspected parcel fraud and identity theft scams are being investigated, Bedminster Township Police Department said.

"Residents have received packages at their doorstep addressed to them or someone else. Soon after, an unknown person arrived wearing apparel for a delivery company (Amazon, FedEx, etc.) advising that the package was delivered by mistake and they then requested to take possession of the packages," the department said in a posting on its page.

In December of 2020, a Sweetbriar Road resident received three packages marked to their name and address, police said.

"Shortly afterwards, a Hispanic female in her 20's, wearing a FedEx shirt, operating a blue, possible Honda Pilot arrived and took two of the three packages. Later that day, a fourth package arrived and the victim received a phone call from a person claiming to be AT&T stating there was a mistake with an order and the delivery was not for them," the posting said. "This person stated someone would be out to pick it up. AT&T confirmed there were four fraudulent purchases made for iPhones using the victim's identity."

In February, an Elephant Road resident received a FedEx delivered package that was addressed to someone who had not lived at the home for several years, police said.

"Shortly afterwards, a Hispanic male wearing an Amazon vest arrived operating a blue Hyundai Sonata requesting the package stating it was for his friend Mark but did not know his last name," the posting said.

The package had an Apple iPhone, police said.

A Saddlery Drive resident received a bill in February for the purchase of two Verizon iPhones which he had not purchased, police said.

"It is suspected this may be related to the other parcel thefts," the posting said.

Police said it is not known how many times similar scams have happened without the property owner knowing about it.

Anyone who has seen suspicious activity of this type is asked to call Bedminster Township Police Department at 215-328-8515 before giving the delivery to anyone, police said. Contact Cpl. Nicholas Virnelson at 215-795-2972 ext. 2 and/or Ofc. Stephen Pekach at 215-795-2972 ext. 4 with additional information that would assist the investigation.   

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