SELLERSVILLE — Claudine Schuster is a big fan of labyrinths. 

"I use them a lot. Every time I come across one, I pull my car over and walk it. I go out of my way to search for them," the owner of Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary said as a ribbon cutting was held Sunday, Oct. 6 for the new Shanteel Serenity Walk Labyrinth on Park Avenue beside the National Guard Armory in Sellersville. 

"It's a huge, huge healing experience for me every time," she said, "so my goal was to create this for the community which I love and cherish." 

She and her husband, Erik, did a lot of drawings and talking to friends who know more about mathematics before starting building the labryrinth in September, she said. 

"Believe it or not, it's more challenging than you would think to get the set-up just right, the exact circumference, the exact path throughout the entire system," Schuster said. 

All the work for the labyrinth was done by volunteers, Sellersville Borough Manager David Rivet said. It is on borough-owned land that is part of Lenape Park, although most people didn't realize it was part of the park because the creek separates it from the main park, he said. 

The trees planted along the labyrinth were paid for with donations, Schuster said. 

"Please enjoy, use as much as you like. It's here for you," she told those in attendance. "It's free. Not too many things in life you can say that about anymore." 

Schuster also gave a quick tutorial on using a labyrinth. 

"One way in, one way out. That's it. Very simple," she said. "When you get in the center, you can reflect, pray, meditate, hang out, sit down. You can do whatever it is that's calling to you. At different times, it can be calling different things to you, so use it for what it was created for for you, whatever is meant to be."

"This was a huge job," Rivet said, thanking the Schusters and others involved in the work. 

"I hope it is used by the community," he said. "It's a nice improvement." 

Schuster said she plans to have some community yoga classes at the labyrinth during the times of year when outdoor classes can be held.  

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