Lauren Pareti

PERKASIE — Lauren Pareti has announced her candidacy to represent the residents of Ward 3 on the Perkasie Borough Council.

“Serving others and building kind, compassionate, safe and affordable communities has always been my passion. That's why I'm running to serve my neighbors in Ward 3 on the Perkasie Borough Council,” Pareti said.

"Ms. Pareti brings more than 20 years of experience working to improve service quality and increase access to housing and for disabled, elderly, low-income and homeless people. Currently, she manages multiple projects for a training and consulting firm focused on solutions to homelessness," the announcement said. "She has helped communities to secure more than $160 million annually for housing and services and leads efforts to evaluate project outcomes and ensure that those funds are invested wisely and result in meaningful and measurable improvements in peoples’ lives."

“As we recover from the pandemic, I want to leverage my experience developing, evaluating, and funding projects that rebuild lives devastated by economic instability, addiction, and mental health challenges. Having worked for more than 20 years directly with individuals and families in crisis and with the organizations that serve them, I’ll bring a unique perspective and skill set to the council,” Pareti said.

In the May 18th primary election, Ward 3 residents can vote for Pareti on the Democratic ballot or as a write-in candidate on the Republican ballot, the announcement said.

“As a Councilwoman, I will focus on promoting and protecting Perkasie’s small businesses, parks, and historic charm and on ensuring that the borough delivers affordable, high-quality services to Perkasie’s residents. I won't be distracted by partisan bickering,” Pareti said.

Currently, women comprise fifty-three percent of the Borough’s population, and the Borough Council is comprised of nine men, the announcement said.

“New voices, like mine, will make our government stronger and more responsive to our needs,” said Pareti.

"As a councilwoman, Ms. Pareti intends to contribute new ideas to help Perkasie’s residents and businesses to recover from the pandemic and thrive and to make certain that Perkasie remains a place where you don't have to be wealthy to provide your family with a nice home," the announcement said. "Ms. Pareti also intends to focus on Perkasie’s extensive network of parks."

“We have incredible parks here in Perkasie, but we also have a problem with flooding.  Scientists predict more frequent and intense storms in coming years. I will work hard to ensure that we have a plan to protect our parks, preserve more land, and be resilient as the climate changes,” explained Pareti.

Pareti formerly served in leadership roles, including executive director and director of training and consulting, at several non-profits. She is a graduate of Rutgers University holding a B.A. in Political Science. To learn more about Pareti visit: Voters can also contact her at

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