The following is a release from the League of Women Voters of Bucks County:

Now is the time to make your plan for how you will vote in the November 3 General Election. Options for voters are explained in more detail in videos by the League of Women Voters of Bucks County, available on their YouTube channel and website.

Are you considering the option to vote in-person on Election Day? Confirm your polling location at the Pennsylvania Department of State's or call the Bucks County Board of Elections at (215) 348-6154. Know your voting district before you wait in the wrong line at your poll. Is this your first time voting at your polling location? Bring along an acceptable ID. See details on acceptable IDs at

After registering at the poll, you will receive a ballot, a manilla privacy folder, and a pen. You can use your pen as long as it is blue or black ballpoint ink. To mark your ballot, fill out the oval to the left of the candidate of your choice.

Don't leave when polls close. If you are in line by 8 PM on election night, you have the right to vote. Should any immediate problems not be resolved with the help of your poll’s Judge of Elections, call the Pennsylvania Department of State's voter hotline at 1-877-VotesPA (1-877-868-3772). Save time and avoid uncertainty by viewing a demo video of the new voting machines (introduced at the June Primary Election) on the 2020 Election Information Portal at the Bucks County website,

You can take your mail ballot and envelopes to your poll on the day of the election, wait in line, and tell your poll worker you wish to have your mail ballot "spoiled" and vote in person. If you do not have your mail ballot, perhaps not yet having received it, you may cast a provisional ballot. Election officials count those provisional ballots once determined to have come from voters who did not otherwise vote. The review of provisional ballots takes place within seven days following the election. Provided that the Board of Elections did not receive your mail ballot in time, your provisional ballot cast at the poll will count the same as everyone else that has voted.

Important to remember on what promises to be a busy day is that a provisional ballot has an envelope that both you and the Judge of Elections from your poll will need to sign for it to count. Voting for the first time, and you have forgotten your ID? You, too, will have the opportunity to vote by provisional ballot but will be required to provide an acceptable ID to the Bucks County Board of Elections within five days of voting. Once you have completed and signed the envelope, in the places where the voter is requested to sign, return it there at the polls to the Judge of Elections and receive your provisional ballot identification receipt.

The other option for voters is voting by mail ballot. The Board of Elections will count a mail ballot postmarked by 8 PM November 3 and received by 5 PM November 6. The postal service suggests that 12 days should be the advance time to send it via postal service to receive it by the deadline. Consider the drop off options of the secure ballot drop boxes if the timing for your ballot return is tight. You can return your own voted absentee or mail-in ballot to one of the three secure official Bucks County ballot drop boxes in Quakertown, Doylestown, or Levittown, specifically for Bucks County voters. Find the boxes' locations and the hours during which you can drop off the ballots at the 2020 Election Information Portal at

Use a blue or black ink pen to fill in the ovals corresponding to your votes on your ballot for either mail and in-person voting. Ensure you see both sides of the ballot and don't make any stray marks on the ballot. Avoid a "naked ballot" if voting a mail ballot. It is critical to return your voted mail ballot inside its secrecy envelope, placing that in the official postage-paid return envelope; otherwise it will not be counted. Another common mistake that has disqualified many votes is that the voter neglects to sign the voter declaration outside of the official envelope.

Make your plan now on how you will be voting, and remember, for additional information on voting options, watch LWVBC's and

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