Editor's note: This was an advance copy of the speech and has some changes when spoken at the ceremony.

Good Morning Class of 2021. My name is Jeffrey Ramos. 12 years of school has led us to this point right here, we’ve made it.

We came into this world post 9/11 and we are leaving post Pandemic. This shows how strong and resilient the class of 2021 really is. For a class that has lost a lot we have made history and changed this school and the world in ways you may not even understand.

Since our freshman year Pennridge Mini-THON has raised 189 thousand 689 hundred dollars and 35 cents for kids fighting pediatric cancer. We’ve put on numerous musicals from The Addams Family, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

Unified sports, something that had just started 4 years ago, raised 22 thousand dollars in one month. In addition our sports teams have excelled further then ever before, during our four years here at Pennridge our girls soccer team won the state championship. We have also won second best in the men’s basketball and women’s soccer state championships.

We have helped pave the way to create a more inclusive and diverse school regardless of your political, sexual, or religious beliefs. This year was the first year ever in Pennridge history in which we had two prom queens.

When we felt something was unjust we spoke out and held peaceful protests. Whenever we felt like we didn't have a voice we found one, one way or another. This class is strong and one day we will shape the future. As C.S. Lewis said “there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” and if this is where we start right here right now, I can not wait to see where this class goes.

I know we’ll do amazing things. Congrats to the class of 2021.

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