EAST ROCKHILL — Next year is an election year for tax collectors, which means the rate of pay for the job has to be set so possible candidates know the amount before deciding whether to run.

"They have to know what they're gonna be paid for those four years," Sean Daubert, Pennridge School District's business administrator, said at the Nov. 2 Pennridge School Board Finance Committee meeting.

The tax collectors are currently paid $4.25 per bill and are requesting that be increased by 25 cents per bill for the years 2022 through 2025, he said.

That would be about a 1.5 percent increase and add $4,850 to the amount paid, which is divided among the eight collectors, the tax collectors said in a letter requesting the increase.

The collectors also receive $1 per "reminder notice" and there is a $1,500 stipend for collectors who issue less than 1,000 tax bills; no increase is requested to those, the tax collectors said.

Information provided for the meeting showed there are 3,087 bills in Bedminster; 572 in Dublin; 2,283 in East Rockhill; 5,966 in Hilltown; 3,196 in Perkasie; 1,768 in Sellersville; 325 in Silverdale; and 2,185 in West Rockhill. There is an elected tax collector in each municipality.

The total amount the district paid to the collectors this year is about $93,000, Daubert said. 

The tax collectors make daily deposits of the money collected, he said.

"The deposit account which they use is actually in the school district's name," he said. 

Each day, the district sweeps the money deposited by the tax collectors, he said. 

"We move it over into our interest bearing accounts instead of waiting for them to bring us the money," Daubert said.

The deadline for the board to change the pay rate is Feb. 15, 2021, he said. 

"If the board does nothing, if it doesn't act, the current resolution that's in place carries forward for another four years," he said.

He also provided a list of the rates paid in other Bucks County districts.

"We're already on the high side of the surrounding districts," board President Bill Krause said.

The spreadsheet also showed that the amount the district paid the tax collectors came to an average of $4.42 per bill, he said.

Similar to what is being requested this time, there was a 25 cent per bill increase when the current rate was set four years ago, Superintendent David Bolton said. 

The board can set the rate as it sees fit, but with the current rates on the high end of the scale, it would be appropriate to consider either no increase or one that is less than 25 cents per bill, he said.

With the February 15 deadline, the board could make its decision at December or January meetings, he said.  


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