I read with interest the front page article regarding limiting the proliferation of local signage. (News-Herald. Dec. 28, 2019)

I too find the signs somewhat distracting and not very attractive; but also at times quite informative. The problem seems to be not in the posting of coming events, but the leaving of signs in place long after the event has passed.

I have some suggestions that I hope you will consider in the up-coming discussions.

1. Designate a reasonable size for each sign. Any significant variations to be submitted for approval.

2. Designate a time limit, such as no posting closer than two weeks prior to an event. Any exceptions to be submitted for approval. 

3. Require that removal of the signs be within 7 days of the past event.

4. Consider the American Legion Nase Kraft Post to be a special case. They are after all an organization that serves our Veterans. This could be a concrete way to show our appreciation for the sacrifices made by Veterans and their families. I strongly suggest that you literally "grandfather" them in. Why wait to hang signs on Witting Trees when we can be supportive now?!

Thank you for your consideration of these suggestions. 

Jean Hufstetler


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