Let’s review some “fake news.”

Baseless claims today concerning election fraud and vote-by-mail ironically echo falsehoods made a decade ago in Bucks County about another untrue election scheme -- a scam that died then the way today’s garbage should end, too.

Once those fictional stories go away, real effort should be put into a “phenomenal” plan in Bucks, Montgomery and other area counties to control the proliferating COVID -- 19 pandemic that prevents economic recovery.

In recent weeks, many debunked assertions about fraudulent mail voting have been pushed by President Trump and Attorney General William Barr -- claims without evidence that are designed to denigrate increased use of mail voting during the pandemic.

Oddly, the fake news about election fraud this year echoes nonsense floated here 10 years ago, when Republicans alleged Democrats ran a “conspiracy” to get falsified votes counted in a local election.

The real news was this: The American Prospect, a nonpartisan organization examining “ideas, politics and power,” said the Bucks political behavior in October 2010 was bogus with a “vast amount of distance” between true facts and allegations.

“The Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office thing may be unethical or worse, but there’s little evidence here of what Republicans are alleging -- a conspiracy to get fraudulent ballots counted,” said the review.

And then there’s today’s voter-election charade -- a scam fueled by misinformation and untruths by top officials like Barr, whose remarks range from the assertion that mail voting fraud is widespread, to warnings without evidence that foreign countries could counterfeit ballots.

In addition, the president has for months pushed unsubstantiated fraud theories, all of which have been discounted by election department officials and the FBI.’

One way to ensure safe mail voting is a method now underway in Bucks, where voters can drop off mail-in and absentee ballots at three locations in advance of the Nov. 3 election.

Starting Oct. 5, voters can drop the ballots from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at any of the following three locations: Upper Bucks Government Services Center, 261 California Rd., Quakertown; Bucks County Administration Building, 55 E. Court St., Doylestown, and Lower Bucks Government Services Center, 7321 New Falls Road, Levittown. Hours will be expanded as Election Day nears. Voters can deposit only their own ballot in the drop boxes, which will be “guarded and monitored by sheriff’s deputies and security personnel,” according to the county.’

Now that’s real news.

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