HORSHAM -- Hatboro-Horsham School District will consider a school reopening plan at a board meeting Monday, August 3.

The district surveyed families about reopening scenarios and interest in the Hatter Academy, gathering feedback until July 28. A similar survey was sent to gain staff feedback as well.

At the board meeting on Monday, July 20, Superintendent Dr. Scott Eveslage shared the progress of the district’s health and safety plan for school reopening. The presentation included detailed reopening scenarios Hatboro-Horsham is planning for, and the way learning will be structured for students. The community is encouraged to view the recording of the board meeting and Dr. Eveslage’s PowerPoint presentation itself.

The survey gathered insight into the current level of support families have for each reopening scenario. This survey provides\d updated specifics and possibilities for families to consider compared to the June survey.

Additionally, the survey is being used to gauge families’ interest in the Hatter Academy for the 2020-21 school year. The Hatter Academy is Hatboro-Horsham’s cyber-program where students can learn virtually from home while still remaining a full member of Hatboro-Horsham School District. The academy will be taught by all Hatboro-Horsham teachers as well. More information on the Hatter Academy will be provided soon.

With the new school year approaching, the district is reminding families that despite unprecedented circumstances, health mandates for students returning to school have not been relaxed. Requirements for student physicals, dental and immunizations can be viewed on the district website.

At the next board meeting on Monday, August 3, Dr. Eveslage will present the Health and Safety Reopening Plan to the Board of Directors for approval. Questions about the 2020-2021 school year reopening can be directed to reopening@hatboro-horsham.org. Please note that these comments will not be read to the public during board meetings.

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