On Thursday, May 8, 2020, more than a dozen local police and fire departments and EMS personnel took part in a "Heroes Supporting Heroes" display at Abington Hospital, which happened simultaneously at both the Lenfest and Widener buildings.

The displays included police cars, fire trucks and ambulances with lights and sirens on lining up by employee entrances at both hospitals, paving the way for staff coming and going at shift change. The police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel stood outside, saluted and clapped for employees as well. The Philadelphia Police and Fire Pipe and Drums Corps were also in attendance to musically display their support and appreciation for employees. This amazing demonstration of support and gratitude from one group of heroes to another was truly heartwarming and lifted hospital staff at this difficult time.

Abington-Jefferson Health staff have been working around the clock for weeks, under tremendous pressure with the ever evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Their spirits were lifted up and tears were shed everywhere during the remarkable moment and heartfelt display of appreciation.

The show of support from people they have so much respect for -- police officers, fire fighters and EMS personnel -- professionals who understand the 24/7, 365 day work that threatens their lives and impacts their loved ones, meant so much. Selflessness is a common bond between hospital staff and the men and women who came out to support.

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